About- Pawel Zygmunt

I am a Polish born, landscape photographer, living in small village Oldtown , North from Dublin.

Photography was always my passion and because I love travelling, adventure and nature, my choice was simple and it had to be landscape photography, especially when you live in place called "Emerald Isle".

My photographs were published in most of the UK landscape photography magazines within the last 2 years, including Digital Camera, N Photo, Practical Photography, Digital Photographer and famous across the world Landscape Photography Magazine. My work was also awarded in photography competiotions, inluding prestigious Irish Light Festival in 2017 and recently in the oldest UK competition - Amateur Photographer of The Year. On October 2017 I was awarded Licentiateship by Irish Photographic Federation for my landscape panel. 2018 Landscape Outdoor Photographer of the Year by Practical Photography Magazine. My work was commended and shortlisted in big photography competitions like 2018 Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2018 UK Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 2018 ND Awards. I was honored to be a guest and speaker in many photography clubs in Ireland